Best Outdoor Wicker Garbage Can Review

Keter Baltimore Outdoor Wicker Garbage Can with Lid Review

You next trash outdoor or patio trash can shouldn’t be a train smash. It can represent what you think a waste bin should be all about. Style, functionality, reasonably priced and off course longevity. With the Keter Baltimore Outdoor Wicker Garbage Can with Lid your trash can nightmares can be a thing of the past.

The company has been in the industry for many decades providing quality bins and accessories to the general public. Their products are an extension for what they stand for and that is why they have been a leader in manufacturing quality products at a reasonable price. One of those products is the Keter Baltimore Patio Trash Can. In this review we’ll look at all the benefits you will receive when investing in this model.

Best Outdoor Wicker Garbage Can Review
Best Outdoor Wicker Garbage Can Review


  • Fluid tray
  • Double lid enclosure
  • Natural wood look
  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean


Fluid tray

The Keter Baltimore features a dedicated fluid easy-to-remove fluid tray to make cleaning the unit as easy as one, two, and three. This fluid tray is the company’s first of it’s kind and most customers have already benefited from this design. The tray at the bottom catches fluids or water whenever the bin needs cleaning. This makes it easier for the user to empty this model from water spills and other types of fluids.

keter baltimore fluid tray

Double lid enclosure

A double lid enclosure hides the trash bags from plain sight while also securing the lid from opening when completely turned over. It also protects the rubbish from direct sunlight and snooping animals like dogs and raccoons.

The lid is manufactured from durable resin plastic to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

keter baltimore double lid enclosure


Natural wood look

To enhance the look and feel of this product Keter has engineered the Baltimore Patio Outdoor Wicker Can with highly a durable resin and double wall construction to give this model a natural wood like feature. This enhanced look will fit any outdoor and kitchen décor and style.


Perfect for outdoors

Whether you need a trash can for your patio when you entertain your guests or one for the backyard to dump clippings in the Keter Baltimore outdoor wicker garbage can is highly recommended. The design itself is customizable to fit any outdoor environment while retaining its functionality. This model can also be painted to fit your specific color.



Unlike most plastic trash cans which can easily buckle, fade or bend the Baltimore is constructed from durable resin called Duotech. This materials used in the manufacturing of the Baltimore makes this patio trash can with lid weather, crack and rust resistant. You can aspect the Baltimore to last year after year keeping its original form and color.


Low maintenance

Maintaining this model is kept to a bare minimum. With the double resin it will never rot, rust or decay. Need a new color? Just repaint it to make it look like brand new.


Easy to clean

With so many cleaning products on the market it is hard to resist making your patio trash look like new while giving it a pleasant sent. Or you can just use a water pipe; spray it down, while the fluid tray catches all the access water. Slide the tray out from the bottom, dry the tray and let the bin wind dry and you are done.



  • Fluid tray to catch access water
  • Double lid enclose to secure the bin
  • Constructed with resin for longevity
  • Water, rust and decay resistant
  • Manufactured with double-wall materials
  • Uses 30 – 30 gallon trash bags


  • Lacks wheels for easy transportation
  • Heavy when full of trash



The Keter Baltimore Patio Oudoor Garbage Can with Lid will make the perfect addition to your outdoor environment. It’s catchy, stylish looking construction and double lid enclosure is some of the things that you can expect from Keter Baltimore. With a bin that looks so nice and works so well, your guests will want one for themselves.

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