Best Rectangular Small Stainless Steel Trash Can

Best Rectangular Small Stainless Steel Trash Can

When it comes to selecting the best step trash can small that fits your requirements you will look at some of your preferences, taste among others.

This small rectangle trash can is one of the best receptacles on the market. This is a trash can that you can rely on for a long time because it has designed with the customer’s priority in mind.

1.3 Gallon- Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can Overview

Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can for Bathroom


  • Durable plastic liner bucket
  • Handy carrying handle
  • Slim profile and modern design
  • The Interior liner bucket is made of shatter-resistant plastic


  • Maybe too small for some
  • Complaints of product arriving damaged


  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Functional and versatile
  • Quality construction

Compact design

The rectangular shape is the ideal size for inside cabinets, under counters, under sinks, and other small spaces; also, this receptacle has a sleek compact design for use in limited spaces.

Furthermore, it has a sturdy step that enables easy opening of the lid. Lastly, it is a safe and secure product that will serve you for years to come.

Easy to clean

You can easily wipe the 1.3 Gallon- Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can with a damp cloth.  The durable plastic liner bucket can be effortlessly lifted out of the can by its handy carrying handle and rinsed out with mild soap and water when required.

The good news is that the trash can are simple to clean and care for and with the stylish rectangular style and they add a great look to the kitchen.

Crafted from quality stainless steel materials, it will most certainly serve you longer than expected.

Functional and versatile

The small rectangle trash can with modern design makes this receptacle work in so many places throughout your home. The removable interior liner bucket has handles as mentioned above, making it so easy to empty.

1.3 Gallon- Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can

This is one of the short model trash cans that work well in a place where height may become a problem so it can well be placed under a desk among others.

On the other hand, the plastic bucket inside the trash can to be cleaned effortlessly in a while for proper hygiene. This design utilized in this type of can is designated to fit in your home and at all places, you decide to keep it.

Quality construction

The pedal functions smoothly and the fact is that you are not to touch the lid at any given time for it will open smoothly and close after you have thrown your trash inside.

Additionally, you can utilize this trash can at work or at home it is convenient for both since it is big enough to hold a lot of waste.

Made of stainless with a durable finish and the interior liner bucket is made of shatter-resistant plastic and it measures 7.7×4.4×16.2 Inch; 1.3 Gallon/5 liter capacity.

The slim profile trash can be used as it is unscented, non-toxic, and pure. It controls the odor extremely well and helps to identify the contents of the garbage so that the sorting and recycling of it are better.


Step trash cans differ in sizes, quality, and price among other factors but essentially they all do the same job and that is storing waste just before disposal.

Therefore when you get to the market to purchase a step trash can small ensure you have all the specs of the Best Small Stainless Steel Trash Can so as to prevent buying regrets.

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