best small wicker trash can with lid review

Best Small Wicker Trash Can with Lid Review

Once you’ve stayed in a home with a trash can that you really hate, you learn what an essential item it really is. You also learn what a meticulous and delicate process that purchasing one must be. There is a lot of variation among trash cans commonly utilized today.

Some trash cans open with the foot, trash cans with foot pedal, others with the hand, and some don’t have lids at all. Do you want to avoid living in a house with trash can you don’t like? Then I come bearing good news. You can now spruce up your home with the Best Small Wicker Trash Can with Lid.

You can give your office, bathroom, or guestroom a stylish look with this square trash can. It comes with a sturdy foot-pedal that opens it easily with a step of your foot. Created with a separate interior can which smoothly slides out for effortless wash and utilization. Also available in bigger sizes.

Superio Small Square Pedal Trash Can with foot pedal 7.5 Qt Review

Superio Small Square Pedal Trash Can with foot pedal

If your budget is very tight, or if other trash cans you are considering do not fit your space, the Superio Square Pedal Trash Can opens up and holds in trash bags neatly and efficiently, for less than $30.

The Superio Trash Can’s snap-in hinges effectively hold down trash bags in the square opening. The pedal/lid mechanism prevents you from flinging the lid open as fast as with the Slim Step Can, or most of the competition. That also prohibits the lid from rebounding at the top of its arc and coming back down too hard, and that’s better than most cans we’ve seen around this price level.


  • Ideal for small spaces

If you are looking for a compact receptacle that will fit underneath a desk or in a dorm room, then this 7.5 Qt trash can is the perfect choice for any small space. This compact plastic step can be utilized in a profusion of different spaces, including your bathroom, kitchen sink, dorm, or anywhere in your home that space is tight.

  • Decorative design

Rattan decor is making a comeback which means this rattan style trash can is aesthetically pleasing and a great fit for any decor style. This trash can design includes a sturdy foot pedal for effortless utilization. Merely give it a push with your foot and you’re all set. Once you’ve experienced this hands-free receptacle, you’ll never be able to go back to pedal-less trash cans again.

  • Simple and easy to clean

Garbage bins can get gross quickly, which is why they offer a receptacle that enables you to get into nooks and crannies without breaking a sweat. Once your trash can is full, simply remove the inner bucket, toss your trash, rinse it out and place it back in the trash can. The inner bucket included keeps your trash can from getting disgusting.

  • Comes in 4 different colors

They have a garbage can color to suit every preference. Regardless of the style preference, one of these trash can colors is sure to work in your space.

  • Zero chance of rust

Unlike stainless steel trash cans, this plastic garbage bin will never rust. This garbage can with a foot pedal will last you for years to come. This trash can is designed of the highest quality, durable plastic available. While stainless steel may be somewhat flashier, this plastic product will last you years without breaking or rusting.


  • Decorative design.
  • Compact size fits perfect in your bathroom, bedroom or under your office table.
  • Strong pedal engineered for a smooth and easy step.
  • Separate interior can that conveniently slides out for easy wash and use.
  • Matching laundry hampers, baskets, toilet brushes and step stools available.


  • You may want to get a ruler and actually visualize the measurements before purchasing.

Some Ideas of where you can put wicker Trash Can

Here are some ideas of where you can put this trash can to maximize your space and minimize clutter:

outdoor wicker trash can with lid
  • Bath: This step on a trash can is an excellent size for the space between the toilet and the shower or next to the bathroom sink.
  • Kitchen: Utilize this compact garbage can in the cabinet under the kitchen sink to keep your kitchen clutter-free.
  • Dorm/Bedroom: This garbage pail is a great selection for bedrooms, as you don’t want to let trash in your room stack up.
  • Outdoor: also, good like an outdoor wicker trash can with lid perfect for a backyard that can withstand the rain, heat.


Don’t rush the decision when selecting a small trash can with foot pedal for your home since it will become a part of your family life for years to come. Think of the time you’ll spend replacing bags, filling them with trash, and taking those bags out. You will definitely want all of that to move as smoothly as possible because we try to make sure you always have many options for your home.

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