Suncast Commercial Utility Trash Can review 2020

Suncast Commercial Utility Trash Can, 32 Gallon Review

Many organizations and workshops find it difficult to control waste. But this should not be the case because with the right tools and accessories handling trash will be a breeze. It is essential to keep your organization or workspace in neat and tidy to reduce accidental injury to workers and maintaining a clean environment for visitors. Well, one way to keep your floor space clean from trash is by purchasing a Utility Trash Can.

This is a special container designed to keep trash out of sight an in the bin. These special containers come in a variety of styles since they are manufactured by different companies. Ideally, these types of waste bins are sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions. So if you are considering a garbage bin, you can take a look at the Suncast Commercial Utility Trash Can.

A good number of them also have great rugged wheels and integrated handles to help make maneuverability a breeze. The Suncast Trash cans are a must-have for anyone or any company who likes to have full control over their waste. You should also consider them if you have kids and pets. Getting a top quality one is, however, fairly difficult; therefore, we bring you a comprehensive review on this model. We have also listed the features to make work much easier. Have a look and thank us later.

Suncast Commercial Utility Trash Can

Best Commercial Trash Can Review
Best Commercial Trash Can Review



  • Blow molded HDPE for strength and rigidity.
  • Easy-grab base handles provide secondary support grip.
  • Extra-large air channels allow effortless liner removal.
  • Reinforced base to reduce wear and tear from dragging.


Blow molded HDPE for strength and rigidity

Compatible with all Utility Can sizes, the Standard Duty Dolly has smooth-rolling thermoplastic rubber casters that won’t leave any marks. It is also constructed of very strong and durable material and will definitely last for a long time.

With a capacity of up to 350 lbs., this Heavy Duty Dolly simply snaps into place, offering unmatched performance, mobility and a quiet ride.


Side handles for easy lifting and transportation

The handles are comfortable to grip and make the bin easy to lift and the can weighs less than 10 pounds on its own. There are holes in the bottom of the trash can that allows for vent but also make removing a full bag easier. The red handles are fairly interesting and the design is a little more unique than the standard large trash can.

It does have a smaller bottom part which is meant to hook into theSuncast Commercial Utility Trash Can review dolly, and because of that it can tip over more easily than a traditional Rubbermaid style can. The red handles are ergonomic and certainly aid in lifting the can (for garbage collection. The slots at the bottom further assist in hoisting and leveraging the can.

The handles are colorful and large and make the can effortless to move and carry. They are easy to grip, and the handles are built-in to the bottom making it easy to lift and shake holding both top and bottom handles.


Extra-large air channels allow effortless liner removal

The Suncast Commercial Utility Trash Can is sturdy enough to tackle any workplace, business, industrial, or municipal application, while the extra-large interior air channels allow easy liner removal.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the Utility Trash Can is designed to stand up to any job and stand out in any environment. Design enables very effortless removal of trash bags with grass, garden clippings, and kitchen droppings.


Reinforced base to reduce wear and tear from dragging

The all new, state of the art, utility trash can by Suncast Commercial is equipped with innovative features to make the job easier and to get it done better. Complete with HDPE construction for durability, strengthened base to minimize wear and tear from dragging.  Its reinforced base decreases wear and tear with each use.



  • Easy grab base handle for effortless handling.
  • Strengthened base to reduce wear and tear from dragging.
  • Air channels allow for easy bag removal.
  • Heavy duty construction for durability.
  • Drain holes in handles to avoid pooling water.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Lid not included.



There is a variation of trash can designs, each with its own benefits. Stainless steel finishes can be tempting, but bear in mind they can be prone to showing fingerprints, smudges and dirt more easily than cans of other builds.

Cleaning will always be a hassle with some garbage cans. No matter how careful you are to keep all trash in bags, leaks and spills are certainly unavoidable. Some trash cans come with internal liners that you can remove and clean separately from the outer shell. A good outdoor receptacle will save you loads of time and energy over the years. But there are a few things to consider before purchasing one.

Patios and decks may require different receptacles than the type of garbage can you’d use for your weekly trash collection but it’s clear that this receptacle can be utilized indoors as well as outdoors. You can find this can in all different sizes and designs, equipped with unique features that work better than any other trash can on the market.

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