mDesign Slim Oval Metal Trash Can Review

Furniture and equipment in our living spaces get a lot of attention. However, when it comes to purchasing everyday utilities like a trash can, we hardly think what we are buying, but for small spaces the mDesign Slim Oval Metal Trash Can is a no brainer.

Trash cans are an essential part of keeping your house clean. Almost every room requires a trash can, making them a necessary investment in the way your house looks and how clean you decide to keep it.

We looked at the size of the mDesign Slim Oval Metal Trash Can, the design, and how it works, too. This bin is designed to save space while still offering special features to make it more useful.

mDesign Slim Oval Metal Trash Can

Best Small Wastebasket for Bathrooms, Kitchens and Offices


  • Compact design
  • Functional and versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable rust-resistant finish


Compact design

This oval shaped garbage can is the ideal size for stashing inside cabinets, under desks, counters or sinks and other fairly tight spaces. Its narrow width enables it to discreetly fit in smaller storage areas, too.

It tucks neatly into the corner or next to a sink or toilet in your bathroom and it is perfect for smaller spaces, half baths and guest bathrooms. The finish is effortless to clean with a wet rag since it is a smooth polished finish.


Functional and versatile

The size and style make this receptacle work in so many places throughout your house and it is also great for dorm rooms, apartments, condos, campers, RVs, cabins and tiny homes.

The transitional design coordinates with most modern home decor and can be utilized in multiple rooms throughout the house.

You’ll also like this trash can because of its ease of utilization. It boasts basic features that are not hard to utilize or maintain, that way, you can have this bin for a long time.


Easy to clean

This rounded waste can from mDesign fit perfectly in bathroom cupboards, unused corners or next to the toilet. With so many colors available, you’ll want one in all rooms of your living space.

The durable material can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

You can also purchase the mDesign Modern Square Metal Paper Facial Tissue Box and the mDesign Metal Bathroom Vanity Countertop Accessory Set since this set is a great idea if you want to have matching pieces in different parts of your house.


Durable rust-resistant finish

The mDesign Slim Oval Metal Trash Can is made of strong steel with a durable rust-resistant finish and measures 12″ x 8.1″ wide x 10.2″ high.

mDesign Slim Oval Metal Trash Can

It is extremely handy as a kitchen trash can, but its smart design makes it aesthetically-pleasing enough to include anywhere in the home.

Stainless Steel is the metal of choice for most appliances as it is corrosion-resistant, smudge-resistant, and highly durable. This receptacle has a brushed steel finish so that it matches other appliances in the home.



  • Allows it to discreetly fit in smaller areas
  • Design coordinates with most modern home décor
  • Durable rust-resistant finish
  • Holds up to everyday use


  • Some complaints of bin arriving damaged



Elegance comes in all forms and shapes. And when you are renovating your home and office with all beautiful furniture, why compromise with your trash can.

For your beautiful home, you can certainly select the mDesign Slim Oval Metal Trash Can as it will surely catch your attention in every possible way.

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