Sooyee 10 Liter Rectangular Plastic Trash Can

Sooyee 10 Liter Rectangular Plastic Trash Can Review

Keep waste properly contained and add a touch of modern style to your space with the Sooyee 10 Liter Rectangular Plastic Trash Can. This slim plastic trash bin fits in effortlessly with your existing decor and appliances with its clean, minimal design. You can place it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, office, or anywhere you deem necessary, and experience functionality in design.

The compact classic rectangle trash can is the ideal wastebasket for smaller spaces like a bathroom or an office or wherever space is limited. Compared with a metal trash can, our trash can, which is designed from PP material and looks more modern and elegant.

Sooyee Plastic Trash Can Review

Sooyee 10 Liter Rectangular Plastic Trash Can Wastebasket


  • Fits into narrow openings
  • Made of super-strong polypropylene
  • Removable interior bucket
  • Simple to clean


  • Product color is beige/off-white and not true white


  • Modern slim design
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Suitable for various places
  • Enhances your existing décor

Modern slim design

This is a stylish trash can with a modern slim design that looks great and effortlessly fits into narrow openings and small spaces. It fits well in bathrooms, offices, or wherever space is limited.

This plastic trash can has a slim profile and sits flush against the wall, making it a discreet presence in the kitchen or any other room.

Durable and easy to clean

It is made of super-strong polypropylene, is simple to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Customers usually purchase the Hefty Flap Tie Small Trash Bags – Tropical Paradise, Lavender Sweet Vanilla, Flap Tie with the Black 2.4 Gallon Garbage Container Bin to diminish odors and to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

The plastic interior bucket can be easily removed for convenient waste disposal. It only has a 2.4-gallon capacity, but it’s actually extremely functional, as it can hold a great amount of waste.

Suitable for various places

At first look, it will strike customers as something solid and robust yet not extraordinary. First impressions were not what it was designed for, anyway.

Suitable for various places

In fact, its true value lies within the performance and experience it offers in the long run. The Sooyee 10 Liter Rectangular Plastic Trash Can can be put in all places where we can use it.

It’s sturdy, beautiful and the price is right.  It can be used in the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, the study, the activity room, even in your kid’s cabin. It’s small-space friendly, affordable, durable, and extremely attractive.

Enhances your existing décor

You can press the cover to open or close it and this trash can makes a statement with its stylish colors and unique finishes as it was designed to enhance your existing décor.

Sooyee 10 Liter Rectangular Plastic Trash Can Wastebasket with Press Type Lid

It’s extremely sleek and looks nothing like a trash can. It’s perfect for a small apartment because its beautiful design means you don’t have to hide it away in your valuable under-counter space.

It sits out in the open and makes a beautiful addition to your home. If you experience any quality or transport damage you can choose a replacement or refund or you can enjoy unconditional return and refund.


While the most essential thing to look for when shopping for a kitchen trash can is functionality, you don’t have to sacrifice style. A trash can is pretty much standard equipment in the home by now.

Without it, the room would certainly turn into a big chaotic, and unhygienic space within a very short amount of time. So definitely check out the Sooyee 10 Liter Rectangular Plastic Trash Can for a new addition to your home

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