Best Wicker Outdoor Garbage Can 2020

Are you looking for the Best Outdoor Wicker Garbage Can for your home or patio and you are not sure which one to purchase? Well, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the Best Wicker Outdoor Garbage Cans that you can consider when purchasing one.

Wicker trash cans are light and fresh, with the natural qualities of nature, and it brings people together with a feeling of freshness, which is very suitable for summer. However, the simple style was once overlooked under the attack of modern outdoor wicker garbage cans such as another trash can.

We’ve evaluated these garbage cans according to their design, overall performance, ease of utilization, and the types of animals they’re built to keep out. These garbage cans are perfect for homeowners or renters who live just about anywhere.

10 Outdoor Wicker Trash can Reviews

1- Keter Copenhagen 32 Gallon Resin Large Trash Can with Lid

Best Wicker Outdoor Garbage Can Reviews

Strong and sturdy

With an elegant design, compact frame, and guaranteed durability, this Keter Copenhagen Stylish Trash Can is a stylish addition to any porch or patio. You can simply lift the metal handle to throw your trash inside, than remove the bag quickly and easily through the large, full-sized opening.

This waste basket may look small, but it can easily fit 30 gallons of waste materials, making it ideal for parties, barbecues, and busy households.

Attractive design

The Copenhagen trash bin’s rich espresso brown wood design will blend in nicely with contemporary sleek designs. You can certainly make this stylish trash bin an outstanding accent piece in your patio or garden. It is easy to clean, just use simple household cleaners like a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar.

Metal handle and hinges

Not only does this add an attractive touch, but it is also highly durable and gives ease of use. Unlike plastic trash cans, which can quickly deteriorate due to harsh sunlight and bad weather conditions, this patio trash can wicker is made of polypropylene resin that safeguards it from rot, mold, cracks, mildew, water damage, and sun bleaching.

Removable rim

The removable rim keeps your garbage bags secure so you never have to deal with your trash bags slipping and making a mess again.

Wood panel design

The wood look of this brown outdoor wicker trash can makes this product trash can like no other, with a sleek espresso finish that gives the product a classic, professional appearance. Merely attach the handle and you’re ready to go with your new, beautiful trash bin by Keter.

Weather resistant

The weather-resistant construction makes this trash can excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. You can either place it in the kitchen for easy access or leave it outside on your deck for parties. No matter where you utilize it, this receptacle will stand strong and sturdy all year round.


  • Fits trash bags up to 30-39 gallons
  • Easy to use indoors and outdoors
  • Plastic removable rim
  • Slim, tasteful design
  • Polypropylene resin construction


  • Some complaints of no handle upon arrival

2- Suncast 33 Gallon Can Resin Outdoor Can with Lid

Best Patio Trash Can Review

Comes with Lid

This outdoor trash can is able to hold 30 to 33 gallons and is ideal for backyards, patios, or decks. The lid latches on so garbage won’t blow out of the can, keeping your backyard area clean.

You can keep unsightly garbage and recyclables safely out of view with the Suncast Trash Hideaway. The decorative yet functional design is compatible with standard 30-33 gallon garbage bags, ensuring ease of utilization.

Highly durable

This receptacle is made with durable resin construction to stay-dry through the rainy season. Plus, the unit features a stylish, contemporary design that will look exceptional on any patio or deck and beautifully complements most furniture.

Additionally, the Trash Hideaway includes a handy latching feature to assist in keeping contents in and critters out. When it comes to cleanup, there’s certainly no better solution for your space.

Decorative design

With a faux wainscoting design, this brown garbage can will match most outdoor décor and the trash can measures 15.75″ x 16″ x 31.6″.

Long lasting trash can

This outdoor wicker trash can is extremely durable and long-lasting with a contemporary design. You can keep your area clean as you utilize this wicker patio trash can. It will be very hard for someone to see your trash, because of how it has been designed and the lid can remain open as long as you want.

Nevertheless, if you have little children and pets, be sure to keep them away to prevent accidents. This is a simple but highly effective resin wicker outdoor trash can that all homes should have.


  • It can stay dry during the rainy season
  • Blend perfectly with the outdoor décor
  • Has a functional lid


  • Trash bags snag when pulled out

3- The Basket Lady Tall Wicker Trash Basket

Best Patio Trash Can with Metal Liner
Best Patio Trash Can with Metal Liner

Removable metal liner

This is the perfect way to dress up the patio and hide your trash in the process. The receptacle is made of large diameter prime grade rattan core woven over a furniture-quality rattan pole for strength. The removable galvanized metal liner also protects the basket interior.

Sturdy pole frame

The tall wicker trash basket with a metal liner is available in 2 colors. It features a hand-woven natural rattan over a sturdy pole frame and this basket is so handsome that your guests won’t even know it is your kitchen waste basket.

Created with natural rattan

The wicker outdoor trash can is handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia. It is also hand-dyed, so colors will vary and may be a different shade than the image displayed.

Baskets are handmade, therefore sizes may vary and the metal liner may be noisy when disposing of heavy items into basket.


  • Fits a 13 gallon trash bag perfectly
  • Nylon feet protect the floor
  • Thick and sturdy


  • Metal liner may be noisy

4- Large Brown Outdoor Wicker Garbage Can with Lid

Large Brown Wicker Waste Basket with Lid
Large Brown Wicker Waste Basket with Lid

Durable steel

Cleanup becomes a stylish snap with the brown outdoor wicker trash can. Created with durable steel, the receptacle is covered in all weather durable resin wicker.

Users find it an excellent choice because of its weather durability, but at the same time feel that it could have included a smooth inner finish to make trash removal easier.

Built- in bag holder

A built-in bag holder makes removing a night’s worth of trash effortless and worry-free. The brown wicker waste basket with lid can be utilized among the poolside, in the garage, or even on the patio and is featured in a beautiful modern chocolate square design.

 UV resistant resin wicker

You can now avoid the mess of outdoor entertaining with the patio trash can wicker. The sturdy steel frame is woven over with UV resistant resin wicker, ensuring durability throughout the seasons. The interior frame will hold the garbage bag in place, while the removable lid makes transferring the bag effortless.


This wicker trash receptacle is a great choice if you are in search for a durable and cost effective trash receptacle. This 20.5 lb durable steel crosley trash bin is a stylishly designed trash receptacle option that comes with UV-resistant features.


  • Well-made sturdy body made of steel
  • UV protection prevents wear after prolonged exposure to harsh weather and sun, making it a good outdoor receptacle
  • Affordable
  • Bag holder inside the receptacle is functional and easy to use (if you don’t fill it too much


  • The pieces may be hard to assemble, especially while placing the screws inside the bin

5- Suncast Contemporary Resin Wicker Design

Suncast Trash Hideaway
Suncast Trash Hideaway

Prevents garbage spills

You don’t have to worry about waste spills with this receptacle. The two lids ensure the securing of the trash bags so they don’t slip inside. The huge impact and also wind resistant layout generate an exceptional wind as well as set-down security and dry stay.

Easy to carry around

With Its convenient handles it is very effortless to carry from one place to another as required. It has a lid that allows protecting against pets, pests, as well as dampness from going into, while retaining smelly odors inside.

Nice decorative layout

The resin wicker outdoor trash can is a great addition to your home, business or even your patio and is designed to fit any decor. The durable 30 gallon trash can with lid is one of the best outdoor trash containers and features a beautiful cover.

Long-lasting use

This wicker patio trash can is created for long-lasting utilization and also stands up well versus the weather condition components for expanded usage. This 30-Gallon garbage can is appropriate for your residence or organization.

The Suncast 30 gallon resin wicker trash can is both a stylish and durable home waste management solution. Created with blow molded resin, this trashcan withstands both indoor and outdoor use.

30 Gallon storage capability

You can maintain your trash securely and also keep it protected with this 30-Gallon waste container which also has enough storage space capability.

Removable lid

This trash can feature a removable lid which can be removed effortlessly and conveniently held with one hand. The receptacle has a stay dry design so you don’t have to worry about this trash can filling up with water when left in the rain.

This Resin Wicker Trash can is an exceptional design and will compliment both your home and patio.


  • Standard 30-35 gallon trash bag fit perfectly
  • Large sized and made of top quality material
  • Sturdily built body
  • Best for outdoor use, especially around the pool and patio areas


  • Assembly directions may be unclear for some

6- Crosley Outdoor Wicker Trash Bin

Bradenton Outdoor Wicker Trash Bin Review
Bradenton Outdoor Wicker Trash Bin Review

UV resistant resin wicker

The sturdy steel frame is woven over with UV resistant resin wicker, making sure it stays durable for longer. The interior frame will secure the trash bag in place, while the removable lid makes transferring the bag simple.

Extremely durable

You can curate a relaxing space to gather friends and family. This wicker trash can, covers all of the necessities when it comes to your outdoor area.

This is definitely the best resin wicker trash can for your space, since this wicker is highly durable and treated to handle every season. The elemental styling is effortless to mix and match with most decors.

Built-in bag holder

Cleanup becomes a stylish snap with Crosley’s outdoor wicker garbage can. This receptacle is created with durable steel and the receptacle is covered in all weather durable resin wicker. This wicker trash can features a build-in trash bag which makes removing trash easier.


  • UV resistant rattan styled
  • Durable, high-quality steel frame
  • Removable lid
  • Changing the bag is extremely easy
  • Interior frame holds the garbage bag in place


  • No hinges on outside of garbage can

7- Keter Pacific 30 Gallon Resin Trash Can with Lid

Keter Pacific 30 Gallon Resin Rattan Large Wicker Outdoor Garbage Can
Keter Pacific 30 Gallon Resin Rattan Large Outdoor Trash Can

Metal hinged lid

The Keter Pacific outdoor wicker trash can features metal hinges for easy access with a full-sized lid that gives an extra-large opening for lifting out full trash bags. It also includes a metal handle for easy lifting and even lifting when your hands are full.

Due to its polypropylene resin construction, this outdoor trash can will never rot, fade, crack, fray, or unravel, or whiten due to the sun’s UV rays.

Attractive design

If you are looking for a sophisticated tasteful alternative to waste disposal that will blend in nicely with any outdoor living and patio décor, then you should check out the Keter Pacific 30 gallon wicker waste basket with liner, since this is an attractive alternative to traditional bulky plastic trash cans.

The all-weather Pacific wicker waste basket provides a stylish way to store waste in your outdoor living space.

More storage space

You can now enhance your daily life with the Keter Copenhagen 30-Gallon Brown Trash Bin Can. It is created to provide you with an effective solution to a storage problem.

Moreover, it manages to achieve this without sacrificing the price or stylish appearance. The Keter Copenhagen 30-Gallon Brown Trash Bin is definitely worth considering.

Weather resistant

This receptacle is weather resistant, safe from termites and will not absorb water like real wicker cans. Since it is plastic resin, maintaining this trash can is completely effortless.

You can safely leave the Keter Pacific 30 gallon waste basket outdoors in all types of weather. It will continue to look as good as new for many years to come since it is UV protected so it can stand the sun and weather.


  • Polypropylene resin construction
  • Full size lid gives an extra-large opening
  • Sleek elegant metal handle
  • Metal hinged lid for easy access
  • Full plastic removable liner


  • Hinged lid may lack adequate support

9- Keter Baltimore 38 Gallon Trash Can with Lid

Best Wicker Outdoor Garbage Can with Lid and Tray
Keter Baltimore 38 Gallon Trash Can with Lid and Drip Tray

Elegant design

You can give your patio or deck the love it needs by keeping it looking clean and tidy with the new and attractive outdoor waste bin by Keter.

Other outdoor wicker trash bins may look unsightly and bulky, to say the least, and when they accidentally overturn you are left with broken latches and a huge mess, inviting pests to the festivities. You will not have to be concerned with this resin wicker outdoor trash can.

Fluid tray

This black wicker outdoor trash can features a great fluid drawer that makes cleaning the receptacle effortless. It is designed with durable double-walled material and created utilizing resin, a highly durable plastic.

Double lid enclosure

While the double lid is concealed inside the bag, it is also keeping the bin shut when completely overturned – keeping your garbage secure. This bin is constructed to be a long-term addition to your favorite patio or deck.

Natural wood look

This black wicker outdoor trash can consists of a natural wood look and feel, and with its double wall construction, it features the durability you’ve come to expect from Keter products. This elegant disposal system is adaptable to fit in with any outdoor furniture collection and maintains its functionality.

While the resin doesn’t need any paint or varnish to prohibit fading, peeling, rust or decay, it also accepts outdoor paints so it may be painted to match your house, furniture, or painted just to add a touch of color to your outdoor space.


  • Easy assembly
  • Water-resistant
  • Innovative double-lid hides the unsightly trash bag
  • Durable resin construction
  • Polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling, and denting


  • May have difficulty removing trash bags

9- BEAMNOVA Trash Can

BEAMNOVA Trash Can Outdoor
BEAMNOVA Trash Can Outdoor Black Garbage Enclosure with Locking Lid Ashtray

Perforated panels

This black outdoor trash bin can be utilized indoors or outdoors and features two stylish perforated panels, two convenient openings and a built-in stainless steel ashtray that enhances high traffic areas while keeping them clean and litter free.

Outdoor/indoor use

Manufactured with commercial-grade steel with a powder-coat finish, this receptacle performs well in both outdoor and indoor conditions. It also includes a chip and peel-resistant rigid liner for easy maintenance.

Hands-free disposal

The two-sided opening design enables you to get rid of the garbage without coming into contact with the lid. Due to batch issues, the trash bin you receive might not feature a key. If this is the case, please contact the buyer to reissue the key or purchase a universal sleeve yourself.

If you are a smoker, for safety, please completely extinguish the cigarette before putting it into the ashtray. Hence, you do not have to touch the lid when getting rid of trash and this keeps you away from germs and pathogens.


This is the perfect outdoor garbage can for use on patios, meeting spaces, cafés, recreational and picnic areas, corporate and college campuses, boardwalks, tourist attractions, and other high traffic locations.

Astray opening

This trash can will blend naturally in both an indoor and outdoor setting and also features an ash urn which effortlessly blends with the decorative fluted panels.

It also consists of a stainless steel ashtray that enhances outdoor settings while keeping them litter free and clean.


  • Detachable Inside Cabinet
  • Built-in stainless steel ashtray
  • Wear resistant
  • Corrosion resistant & rustproof
  • Heavy Duty


  • No cons

10- 30-Gallon Trash Can Dog-Proof Resin Wicker

30-Gallon Trash Can Dog-Proof Patio Trash Can
30-Gallon Trash Can Dog-Proof

Best for outdoor use

This  is the absolute best dog proof trash can for utilization indoors in somewhere like your kitchen, this outdoor waste bin (or as the manufacturers call, trash hideaway) is the absolute best dog proof trash can for use outdoors or somewhere like your patio.

With that being said, it must also be noted that many dog owners gladly placed this trash container in their kitchen or patio and were very happy with the way it fit in with everything else and didn’t look out of place one bit.

Latching lid

One of the most essential dog-proof features this trash container boast about, is its strong and tightly secured locking lid mechanism, which makes it near impossible for your dog to open it with their paws and get access to the trash inside.

Even if your powerful dog somehow manages to tip this trash can over, the latching lid mechanism allows it to stay closed and keep hold of the trash stored inside.

Sturdy design prevents tip over’s

One of the most essential things dog-proof trash cans get evaluated by is how heavy duty they are and how hard it is for dogs to tip them over, and the Suncast Wicker trash can excels in that category.


  • Has a sturdy bottom
  • Durable handle and top
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Heavy duty and all weatherproof.
  • Hefty bottom for easy opening and cleaning.


  • No cons

Buying Guide for the Best Wicker Outdoor Trash Can

The best wicker outdoor trash cans come with the option of purchasing matching products for your patio, garden, or back porch. These might include a patio seat, patio bench, or a deck box with a seat.

There are no requirements for you to go with a traditional outdoor trash can design. You’ll find numerous designs that are elegant and stylish and created to complement your outdoor space. There are models with a durable resin construction, as well as units that resemble wicker furniture.


Outdoor garbage bins will definitely have to be cleaned frequently. However, this is not a difficult task, since you only have to add a little bit of dish soap to your receptacle and spray it down with your garden hose.

Dump the soapy water out afterward and then rinse the garbage can clean and leave it in the sun to air dry. Cleaning is made even easier with the wicker outdoor trash cans since they usually come with a liner for trash bags and you simply have to wipe them down when changing the trash bag.


The cost of outdoor garbage cans is directly related to the storage capability of the outdoor trash can. That means the Suncast Outdoor Trash Can, 33 Gallon and the Suncast Outdoor Trash Can, 33 Gallon are on the lower end of the price scale, while the Keter Copenhagen sits directly in the middle. You’ll find the Crosley trash can, costs the most, as it has the biggest capacity.

Material type

The wicker outdoor trash cans typically consists of a larger capacity and are robust enough to resist damage from people, curious animals, and extreme weather conditions.

You should consider installing add-ons like ash trays or lids to prevent scavengers like featured in the Beamnova trash can.

You can also securely mount your trash can in the ground for stability against theft and harsh weather. Always select a material type that will endure the outdoor conditions at your location.

Color availability

Another feature you need to consider is the availability of colors. You’ll be able to select from a variety of colors to fit your requirements. This can be handy when you want to recycle your trash too.

Some cities will have a color-coded recycling system where certain colored bins will be meant for paper products and others will be meant for plastic so if you are in need of multiple bins with different colors then be sure to look out for that.

Lid Mechanics

The lid’s importance to a garbage can is very much hazy to a lot of people, much like a door to a room or a cap to a bottle. Sometimes, it’s okay not to have a door or a cap, but sometimes, it can ruin everything completely— meaning it’s something worth keeping in mind.

See also: Yourtoolboxneedthis for tools to help gix broken trash can haandles or wheels.

Storage capacity

The first thing you should keep in mind while purchasing a wicker outdoor trash can is its storage capacity. How much waste will you dispose of on a daily basis? Your answer to this question will decide on the size of your waste basket.

Difficulty scale to empty & maintain

How effortless is it to empty a trash can? And how simple is it to maintain? You will be responsible to keep it clean and empty it every day, so pay close attention to these two factors. There is no use of having a receptacle that takes most of your time to clean and replace the bags & full liners.


No matter how many sizes, shapes, materials, and brands are available in the market, your duty is to keep yourself on track & select the best wicker outdoor trash can for your specific needs.

While purchasing the best wicker garbage can don’t assume that any waste basket will do the job. Instead, pay attention to what you will require for your outdoor area, then decide on size, shape, and material and only then make a purchase.

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