Best Wicker Bathroom Trash Can Reviews

Top 5: Best Wicker Bathroom Trash Can Reviews

Finding your Best Wicker Bathroom Trash Can is definitely not that effortless. You may need to consider a hundred or thousand products from many stores. In this article, we make a shortlist of the best small Rattan & Bathroom Wicker trash cans including detailed information and customer reviews. Let’s find out which is your favorite one.

Small wicker Bathroom garbage can provide more than just holding rubbish. Many people look for one that they can put their waste in before disposing them at a curb. What they do not know is that some small wicker trash cans offer more than that.

It would be amazing if it is easier to not only change but also clean. A good garbage can should also be durable and match with the current home’s décor. We have compiled such in our list of the best bathroom trash cans.

Enhance the look of your household, plus keep it neat and tidy, by installing one of these elegant wicker bathroom wastebaskets today.

5 Best Bathroom Trash Cans Reviews in 2021- Rattan & Wicker

1- Household Essentials Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket

Household Essentials Woven Water Hyacinth Wicker Waste Basket

Ideal for vanities and bathrooms, this wicker waste bin is a stylish, naturally vibrant addition to your space. You can keep one in the office for paper waste and brighten your work environment with a little touch of the outdoors.

Hand-woven and protectively coated to maintain the natural fibers, this beautiful piece is a simple and tasteful choice to meet every day’s necessities.

Stylish in the office or sleek in the bedroom, this wicker wastebasket from Household Essentials is hand-woven from water hyacinth for an elegant but natural look.

You can dress up the bathroom trash with this 2-tone gray and cream flexible wicker wastebasket. This basket features flexible sides for easy use and comfortable emptying-fitness small sized trash bags and grocery bags.

The neutral color fits into most home decors. This wicker trash can is designed from cattail water hyacinth and it is best for use with dry trash. It may also be utilized as a decorative planter (not watertight; separate liner required).


  • Highly durable
  • Light and flexible
  • Protectively coated
  • Made of natural wicker


  • May have a chemical smell upon arrival

2- Superio Rattan Style Compact Trash Can, 3.1 Gallon

Superio Rattan Style Compact Trash Can, 3.1 Gallon

The compact size fits perfectly in your bathroom, bedroom, or under your office table. It has a strong pedal engineered for a smooth and easy step. This is certainly a decorative basket-weave design.

You can give your office, bathroom, guestroom, or master-bedroom a stylish look with this basket-weave designed small wicker bathroom trash can with lid.

This basket comes with a strong foot-pedal that opens it effortlessly with a step of your foot. It is designed with a separate interior can which smoothly slides out for easy wash and utilization and it is also available in bigger or smaller sizes.

If you want to give your master bedroom, bathroom or guestroom a stylish look then this basket-weave design is just what you’re looking for.


  • Compact size
  • Strong pedal engineered for a smooth and easy step
  • Decorative basket-weave design
  • Features separate interior can


  • Complaints of pedal breaking easily

3- Basket Lady Drop-in Bathroom Wicker Trash Can

Basket Lady Drop-in Bathroom Wicker Trash Can

This handsome waste and recycling basket features an open-mouthed lid for effortless drop-in disposal. The removable metal liner assists in holding a 30-gallon trash bag in place.

With its one-stop, one-drop styling, this trash can basket is the ideal solution for restaurants, spas, gyms, and hotels—not to mention your home.

This is a hand-woven natural rattan over a sturdy pole frame and can be used for laundry sorting, gift-wrap storage, yard tool organization (rakes and brooms poke out of the holes for easy access), and more. – All of it is better with this Wicker Drop-In Divided Recycling Basket. Each is created to last a lifetime and for a myriad of uses.


  • Metal Liner available in 2 colors
  • Sturdy pole frame
  • Removable liner
  • Easy drop-in feature is 6.5″ x 6.5″


  • Metal liner may be noisy when disposing of heavy items into basket

4- Superio Small Pedal Trash Can 7.5 Qt Rattan Design

Superio Small Pedal Trash Can 7.5 Qt Rattan Design

This compact plastic step can be utilized in a plethora of different spaces, including your bathroom, kitchen sink, dorm, or anywhere in your home that space is tight. This trash can design includes a sturdy foot pedal for effortless utilization.

Merely give it a push with your foot and you’re all set. Once you’ve experienced this hands-free trash can, you’ll never want to go back to pedal-less trash cans again.

This trash can is designed from the highest quality, durable plastic available. While stainless steel may be flashier, this plastic product will last you years and years without breaking or rusting.

Once your trash can is full, simply remove the inner bucket, toss your trash, rinse it out and place it back in the small wicker trash can with lid.

The inner bucket included keeps your trash can from getting disgusting. Small wicker garbage cans can get gross quickly, which is why we offer a trash can that enables you to get into nooks and crannies without breaking a sweat.


  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Zero chance of rust
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Decorative design


  • Extremely small

5- Basket Lady Divided Wicker Recycling Basket

Basket Lady Divided Wicker Recycling Basket

A proud member of their “World’s Smartest” collection, this waste and recycling basket features divided sections to assist you in sorting out whatever your heart desires. Separate your garbage and recycling, or paper from plastic.

The options are endless, plus, with its leather lift strap and leather hinges, this basket will always be a real stunner, no matter where you put it. The 2 compartments make it effortless to separate your trash.

Each basket contains a separate liner that hangs on a cut-out handle to ease the transportation of the unit. This hamper isn’t only a means of sorting and organizing your trash, but rather a nice addition to your home decor.


  • Hinged lid lifts easily with leather tab accent
  • Includes two removable metal liners
  • Plastic feet protect your flooring


  • The metal cans inside might be very flimsy.


Everything in your home is “just so” except for that old plastic trash can you’ve tucked in the corner. It’s time to elevate your decor with a small wicker trash can or even a small wicker trash can with lid.

Getting an all-natural laundry basket with a decent liner will help you organize your home so you should definitely save some effort, and add a natural touch to your home interior. Our favorite wicker is the Basket Lady Divided Wicker Recycling Basket because it has it all. Double compartments, lids, and removable metal liner.

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